Call for Papers

On behalf of the Conference Committee we invite you to submit abstracts of papers you wish to present at the 2018 NAGCAS Conference.

All paper presentation sessions will be 45 minutes and should allow sufficient time for questions and/or general participation by the session audience.  Paper abstracts should be no longer than 300 words.

Papers should address some aspect of the Conference theme;

“Reimagining the Workplace: Entrepreneurship, Technology & Impact”

Sub themes include:

  • Practices which meet identified needs
  • Practices which demonstrate quality assurance processes
  • Research which supports practice
  • Practice which enhances employability


Presenters should indicate how the paper addresses the theme and/or sub themes and nominate the particular audience it is focused on.

  • Professional Service staff – counsellors/advisors
  • Professional Service staff – employer engagement
  • Professional Service staff – administration/programs/project staff
  • Researchers / Academics
  • Employers / Employment support



  1. Please use Upper and Lower case for the abstract title
  2. Make sure you include all the authors and their organisation details in the abstract
  3. Highlight the presenting author clearly
  4. Include the lead presenting author bio (100 words) and photo when submitting
  5. Your abstract will appear on the program exactly as submitted


The closing date for abstract is 30 June 2018. The Conference Committee will consider which papers best meet the Conference theme and audience needs.

Presenters will be notified of their success or otherwise by 30 July 2018.

Submit your abstracts HERE