NAGCAS membership comprises well over 400 individual members in universities, TAFEs and RTOs across Australia and abroad. We provide ongoing professional development, connection to a large and collaborative member base and a voice in the careers profession.

Institutional Membership of NAGCAS is held by most of Australia’s public universities and a number of private institutions, for whom we advocate the importance of career development learning as a vital element of education and as central to workforce development.

As a member organisation of the Career Industry Council of Australia, NAGCAS provides input to the national careers agenda, drawing on its position as a partner to student career services, employers, academia and international organisations. This unique position offers a highly valuable perspective to government, industry and media.

The importance of a good careers advisory service in post secondary education has long been understood as central to graduate success. Teaching career development at this point recognises that career decisions are not made once, but over the course of life.

NAGCAS became an association in 1997 and draws on a network that has been in operation for more than twenty seven years.


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