Student Futures _ Enabling Monash Students Differentiate in the Graduate Employment Market


Student Futures forms a key component of the overarching strategy aimed at optimizing career success for our graduates as highlighted in our University Strategy, Focus Monash. Launched in March 2016, Student Futures is a bespoke digital platform which, for the first time, enables our entire student cohort to easily access and participate in over 1,000 co-curricular activities offered across the University and in doing so, be guided in how to identify and articulate the employability skills they are developing. The platform has been uniquely designed to appeal to students at each stage of their Monash journey.


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Demonstrated benefit to tertiary students, graduate employers and/or tertiary institutions

Student Futures offers all Monash students the opportunity to differentiate as they prepare to enter a graduate-dense, highly competitive and dynamic market. A range of consultative feedback mechanisms ensures the platform is developed with the student experience at the core. Engagement to date has seen Student Futures reach its year one target in six months with 6,000 active users. Student Futures complements and encourages interaction with Monash’s suite of career services, preparing students for in-depth career conversations. The contextual, in-platform content highlights the employer-led imperative of developing, recognising and articulating employability skills as part of a personal career narrative, adding relevancy and value to students. Employers are key stakeholders and regularly canvassed to contribute to this platform offering them the opportunity to inform a product and develop a pool of career-ready graduates with the skills employers seek. It also keeps Monash students ‘top of mind’ in recruitment activities and encourages a sense of ownership, critical for the platform’s innovation and success. Student Futures aligns with Monash graduate attributes and strategic goals. The initial phase has been carefully designed to support the development of employability skills through co-curricular activities. Given its success to date, the second and third phases, addressing employability skills gained through course curricula and activities external to Monash have been accelerated. Monash students are encouraged to create a holistic personal development and skill-focussed narrative encompassing the totality of their experiences and bringing to life the value they add to the workplace, and community. In this way, Student Futures contributes to the creation of the career-ready graduate and also helps define the Monash advantage in the tertiary landscape.

Potentially or currently benefits the NAGCAS organisation, its members and the career development industry

Student Futures has significantly raised the profile of the Monash careers service, as a result of the collaboration with employers, alumni, students, academic and professional staff and other key sponsor and stakeholder groups. This partnership has enabled NAGCAS members from the Monash careers service to work closely with colleagues both within and outside the University, and with whom they might not previously have had contact. This collaboration has resulted in an expansion of knowledge and awareness surrounding graduate outcomes and career development, and the importance of students being able to confidently articulate their employability. Student Futures aligns with career development learning principles for students to be accountable for their own development with support of careers practitioners and valuable industry insights.

A degree of innovation

Student Futures is a revolutionary initiative helping to redefine graduate career-readiness. It supports the current discourse around graduate employability via a systematic framework and career-specific lens through which students analyse their experiences. It also sets a new benchmark for how universities bring to life innovative and fast-paced digital initiative to address complex problems. In-platform reporting and web analytics enable in-depth feedback to program owners, faculties and departments around student engagement, skill identification and reflection, as well identifying trends and gaps in skill-development program offerings. Student Futures offers a career advantage to all Monash students. In this way it meets the Monash ideal that programs be accessible, equitable and scalable to the many thousands of students, across various campuses. It also brings together a unique set of activities, data and functionality and is responsive and available on any device, at any time.

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