Job Smart Technology: Mega-Scale Career Development Program Delivery Made Easy


Job Smart is a three stepped career development program delivered to commencing Graduate Business students (c.85% international). It focuses on increasingly challenging employability and recruitment-relevant tasks through Phase 1 and 2. Phase 3 is an in-curriculum work-integrated learning experience, for 2017 launch.

In 2016, over 3,400 students were provisioned into Phase 1 and 2 - 1,521 students became active program users and 705 were full program completers. These numbers are set to increase in 2017 and beyond.

Job Smart Phase 1 and 2 operate off custom built technology platforms, enabling program delivery scale and engagement data capture at levels comparative to no other non-credit bearing career development program.

Job Smart Program Full Details


Demonstrated benefit to tertiary students, graduate employers and/or tertiary institutions

Tertiary students

  • Program/platform designs allow users from any cultural/language/work experience background to have a great experience
  • Mobile responsive platforms give student users flexible 24/7 access, total control over where they engage, on any device
  • Rigorous career development learning is delivered via very high “play” factor built in via the platforms
  • Attractive activity reward packages give students a short-term result, visual points collection bubble gives students immediate feedback on distance to the reward levels (critical for retention)
  • Platforms require forced real engagement with other participants, giving newly arrived students a chance to meet friends and connect

Graduate employers

Job Smart currently has backing from 4 corporate endorsers, more joining in 2017 (expectation: offer support for students’ skill building initiatives in line with global recruitment standards).

  • Platforms provide easy, minimal investment branding opportunities to audiences with huge global reach via logo displays, “talking” to students via video messages and industry mentor opportunities
  • Job Smart programs/platforms give corporates opportunities to meet critical internal business kpi’s and mandatory reporting obligations e.g. Corporate Diversity Strategy Activity Targets
  • Endorsers have advertised ad hoc suitable recruitment opportunities to a ready pool of talent familiar with their brand

Tertiary institutions

  • Powerful platform functionality saves time/salary overheads in administering large-scale programs
  • Platforms collect deep, expansive and accurate user engagement data sets with resulting opportunities:
    • Ability to track engagement patterns in “real-time” allows for adapting student communications and program elements
    • Quick report generation for senior leadership/budget stakeholders
    • Defined our own Employability Impact Metrics
    • Exploring broader academic research opportunities with academics in Work & Organisational Studies discipline
  • Created Job Smart Community offers longitudinal graduate outcome tracking/alumni relationship building opportunities
  • Job Smart has quickly become an attractive student recruitment campaign product

Potentially or currently benefits the NAGCAS organisation, its members and the career development industry

  • One of few working models of true scaled extra-curricular career development learning programs for analysis/template
  • Powerful data collection capability provides unique working example of tackling the problem of defining and capturing valid Employability Metrics
  • Platforms are an excellent example of creating customised tools with potential to “white label” to sell/licence (interesting future revenue stream consideration for NAGCAS)
  • Proven example of strong vendor client relationship to meet operational goals, in partnership with a reputable Third Party Provider

A degree of innovation

  • Job Smart goes deep into gamification psychology principles via the fun/play/rewards elements, motivating behavioural change to a mass audience, creating unprecedented engagement patterns:
    • Phase 1: points collection, progress tracking, visible reward Gems that tap into the extrinsic “what’s in it for me” factor
    • Phase 2: students are intrinsically motivated from industry feedback and the personalised journey (via world-first online “pick-a-path” case study)
  • “Selfie check-ins” as attendance tracking method have been a surprising hit
  • The two platforms allow for a continuous student experience within a familiar Job Smart online ecosystem
  • Platforms have a degree of ‘sexiness’ to their look/feel, designed not to look “university” while still meeting strict branding guidelines
  • Direct platform communications give a bespoke channel to program participants, in addition to regular student channels


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