State Partnership Scheme


A example of a State Wide Collaborative Scheme that mutually supports increased internship opportunities for international students, whilst also enhancing the State Governments Economic Agenda.

Demonstrated benefit to tertiary students, graduate employers and/or tertiary institutions

Supporting the SME and Start Up Communities to find international student and graduate talent to support business growth.

Potentially or currently benefits the NAGCAS organisation, its members and the career development industry

The Scheme is a good example of how a State can work collaboratively, and collectively to meet individual and shared agendas.

From State ACBC Chinese Scheme:

The project is the work of 8 Partners working collectively to support students, graduates, and employers; in particular the SA SME and Start-Up Communities

The Partnership is made up of the South Australian State Government, Australia China Business Chapter, Confucius Institute, Business SA, Revenue SA, Study Adelaide, 3 State Universities and Career Services.  Each partner brings a unique blend of experience and knowledge; each leveraging from each other for mutual benefit. The initial partnership started in August 2015 with a series of meetings between State Government and University Careers Services. The purpose being for the Government to better understand placements and internships in terms of how we delivered them, the challenges we encountered, and what we thought worked best.

Taking our answers by October 2015 they had created a Chinese Internship Scheme, modelled closely on the UniSA Graduate Internship Scheme. Initially run by the State, then contracted to the Australia China Business Chapter (ACBC), the scheme was in place to provide opportunities over the summer break, In February, 2016, the ACBC were working with the Confucius Institute (University of Adelaide) and the 3 State University Career Services to help align Chinese students with businesses set to travel in March on the Federal and/or State Chinese Trade Missions. These two Missions seeing over 1000 businesses fly out with the Prime Minister and State Premier to start relationships or secure contracts with the Chinese.

On their return in April the scheme switched, It’s mission now to place Chinese Students into businesses who either returned from the Mission with Contracts, or those inspired to start to  ‘Chinafying’ their business in anticipating of a Contract. The Students helped business understand the Chinese Consumer Market, to set up Chinese websites, navigate Chinese social media, teach their employees about Chinese social and cultural etiquette, and to build mutual trust and understanding. 

In July there were two further developments. Firstly, the number of countries the scheme looked to support was expanded to include: India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. UniSA Careers, in partnership our Alumni & Advancement colleagues worked to locate clients and students who could benefit. The second was an increasing need for domestic students to be aligned with incoming international businesses to better understand Australian Work and Social Culture, and in one instance, help diversity their predominantly non-Australian workforce.

From August, the bar shifted again with Revenue SA joining the Partnership. This was a welcome addition this it now allows any client we work with who creates a job to be financially supported. Dependent on the business, and on the role, through another Project Partner, they maybe eligible for further financial support to a total value of $70K. As a result, UniSA Careers & Employability Service, Business SA, Revenue SA, and Study Adelaide arte taking to the lead to create a State Wide Event that will help promote these benefits to the SME and Start-Up Community. We will also promote the 487 Visa as it our understanding these are little known about nor understood by these two communities.

With the Partnership approaching its first birthday, the outcomes have been considerable. Over 30 organisations have participated creating multiple internships. Clients operate in a range of Sectors, and recording great success. One SME has told us that is Chinese Business has grown by 1000% in 3 months since working with us. The CEO has already said that when 4 students he has with him graduate in December, 2016 they can start looking for their replacements, as they will be writing their own senior role job descriptions his business is growing so fast; the 487 Visa the icing on the cake.

The reason why this project works for the students is that most of the internships we have created have been for multi-disciplinary; we hope going forward even intra-university! The teams have included UG and PG students studying diverse disciplines: business, commerce, finance and accounting, events, tourism, multi-media, communications, PR, journalism, graphic design, IT, maths, and statistics which make for great learning experiences.

The scheme also works because it is mutually beneficial, it reliant on collaboration and relationships, allows all partners to achieve their KPI, but more importantly is a win-win for the State.

A degree of innovation

The focus of the scheme was tied to a National Trade Mission. Unaware of other States working to the same degree integration as in the Scheme under review.


















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