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Intern Connect works closely with industry organisations to place paid student interns. Intern Connect coordinates the entire employment process including advertisement, shortlisting, and all employment administration for our students to take on a paid internship. Intern Connect (via AccessUTS Pty Ltd) directly employs the student and the industry organisation simply receives an invoice based on all hours worked by their intern knowing that everything from workers compensation, award identification and interpretation, superannuation, payroll, and all regulatory and employment requirements are safely taken care of. Lastly, should the organisation want to recruit the intern directly, Intern Connect charges no fee.


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Demonstrated benefit to tertiary students, graduate employers and/or tertiary institutions

This service directly benefits students, employers, and puts tertiary institutions in a central position when contributing to the future work and career aspirations of young people in Australia. This service gives graduate employers a hassle free way to take on a paid intern without getting bogged down in a multitude of employment related administration. We support SMEs and Start-up organisations to have all of the beneficial experiences from having interns be a part of their team by streamlining the entire process. As smaller organisations may not have a HR function, team, or simply the time to carry out these tasks, some smaller companies may struggle with or wish to avoid the administrative load of taking interns temporarily onto their payroll. Intern Connect helps connect the dots and builds a straightforward experience for everyone involved. Graduate employers have the opportunity to attract a higher quality of student than might otherwise apply for an unpaid opportunity and consider top interns for potential future recruitment without extensive administration. For students our direct outreach to relevant organisations will broaden the scope of paid internship opportunities available. Students who already have internship requirements as part of their coursework may now also reach out to their host organisations with the offer of easily accessible paid internship support from UTS Careers.

Potentially or currently benefits the NAGCAS organisation, its members and the career development industry

This service places the significance of internships and work related learning right in the focus for universities and industry and it paves the way for career development organisations to increase their service offerings in similar ways building on UTS Careers’ success and experience. UTS Careers sees Intern Connect and supporting internship strategies as a core part of achieving workplace professionalism related graduate outcomes. Key strategies that have come with Intern Connect include a focus on video interviewing technology when shortlisting candidates and developing complementary student engagement workshops and competitions around video screening and interviews to prepare students for this upcoming trend. Furthermore, we promote the use of our purpose built interview rooms so that employers using Intern Connect can conduct interviews on campus if convenient, and prospective interns can book these spaces to undertake a video or skype interview. Finally outreach team members bring everything together giving graduate employers and industry a single source of contact to connect them to Intern Connect and all relevant parts of the university.

A degree of innovation

Intern Connect demonstrates a whole of university commitment towards working with industry and trialing ways to deliver and implement paid internship options. While there is a similar UniTemps model that has limited presence in Australia Intern Connect is fully integrated with the Universities career development efforts in a truly innovative way. Intern Connect takes a takes a similar approach to a temp agency which itself is unique for individual institutions. However, we do this without any buyout or a finder’s fee. Should a student receive a job offer as a result of the internship UTS charges no fee and sees a win when placing an intern, and also when a student receives their offer for further employment.

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