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“Connecting Collaborative Career development-Physiotherapy embedding model”

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This project is a best practice example of creating connections and facilitating communication and collaboration between Academia, central units and the Careers service, thereby increasing employee involvement, student engagement and management commitment to quality educational practices. Linking life-long learning with employability, career development activities and modules were embedded across the entire undergraduate Physiotherapy curriculum, with an analysis of ePortfolio, using existing technologies and a methodical approach. This has been a co-ordinated purposeful approach, scaffolded across each year level of the discipline’s curriculum, preventing an individualistic approach, bringing positive outcomes to date, with the aim of replicating this model across disciplines


Benefit to tertiary students, graduate employers and/or tertiary institutions

Tertiary students:

Move beyond ‘work-readiness’ into lifelong employability through enhancement of Understanding (physiotherapy), Skills, Efficacy (beliefs, personal qualities) and meta-cognition (self-awareness). Accentuates lifelong learning and allows students to be self-directed in identifying skills gaps and achievements, increases the student experience.

Self-reflection and making connections between University and outside learning, acknowledges what learners bring from their rich and diverse experiences outside of the classroom

Increased awareness and development of employability skills valued by employers in a competitive global world

Make connections between subjects across the year levels – a truly integrated experience

Enhance mental maps as students move from novice to experienced in theory and practice

Build and map their skills development in relation to graduate attributes

Graduate Employers:

Develops high quality work-ready graduates with the employability skills they are seeking, can also be demonstrated in the student’s ePortfolio

Community wide collaboration and connects them with a pool of students available for work placements, vacation work and employment, enhanced networking opportunities

Tertiary Institutions:

Provides a Best practice model for collaborating, communicating and connecting with Academia using an integrated approach across all year levels rather than individualistic model

Supports retention and learning experiences are more meaningful

Provides a work placement quality management system and encourages improvement of teaching, learning and/or assessment, through innovative developments, with a focus on the adoption of active learning, flexible learning options and learning technologies.


Benefit to NAGCAS

This project increases the professional identity of career development practitioners and the industry, connecting with internal and external stakeholders, and advocates the economic and social benefits career development provides to society. It provides a model of integrative collaborative career development within the curriculum to blend with co/extra-curricular activities, a comparative analysis of ePortfolio tools, and a career development model to use across all transitions of University, a model in which all NAGCAS members can adopt.


Innovative aspects

Students are offered flexible learning activities using existing learning technologies to collect, select and reflect on designated activities, from the delivered curriculum (placements, subjects), the experienced curriculum (reflections) and their lived curriculum (experiences prior to, alongside University). It is a co-ordinated, purposeful model changing individualistic work practices to a collaborative whole of School approach, increasing employee morale and teamwork, communication, productivity and cost savings.


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