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"From Student Support to Teaching and Learning Support"



The strategic direction of the Career Development Centre during the past three years has shifted to a greater alignment of activities to the curriculum. This has been achieved through increasing delivery of in-class career development learning; development and teaching of career development subjects; providing expert advice to academic staff on embedding career development into the curriculum; and developing co-curricular programs to support students’ knowledge of career options. Careers staff have increased their professional knowledge through completing postgraduate courses in career development, attending teaching and learning workshops, and learning how to use technologies such as Learning Management Systems and ePortfolios.


Benefit to tertiary students, graduate employers and/or tertiary institutions

Students who enrol in one of our career planning subjects benefit from learning more about themselves and how careers are developed over time. Our subjects focus on understanding career development theories and current and future workplace issues. Assessment tasks focus on the individual, such as reflective essays, reporting on informational interviews, and other activities that engage students in career planning.

Students value most activities that are within the curriculum. By being more aligned and delivering more career development learning into the curriculum, we are reaching more students. In the past three years we have increased the number of students attending workshops from 2400 pa to 4500 pa.


Benefit to NAGCAS

Teaching our discipline specific knowledge within the curriculum raises awareness amongst the academic community of the extensive empirical body of knowledge that our profession has built over the past 100 years.


Innovative aspects

Teaching the career subjects online has provided a number of benefits. Firstly, students are seeking more flexible ways of learning, and online has been a major attractor. Secondly, teaching the subjects has provided a revenue stream that has removed our reliance on employers and has enabled the employment of additional careers counsellors and an intern. Thirdly, we have developed skills in using a range of learning technologies (Learning Management System, ePortfolio, Video production, webinars) that enables the team to utilise these technologies in delivering traditional career services.


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