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The RMIT Careers Toolkit is an online resource for students and alumni to assist them to manage their career and find work using interactive technologies

Key features of the toolkit include:

Global resource: built in collaboration with the campus in Vietnam to ensure that the content is globally appropriate.

Marketing: the Drupal platform allows the Careers Service to market the toolkit to students/alumni as a product rather than a website.

24/7 access for RMIT’s large global student population.

Alumni log-in – this allows the university to support student transition into the workforce and to add value.


Benefit to tertiary students, graduate employers and/or tertiary institutions

Benefits to tertiary students:

Allows students easy access to a range of career information and job opportunities (local and global) 24/7 in the one portal.

The content within the Careers Toolkit is represented in many forms including text, vodcasts, tutorials, e-learning modules and other interactive materials to support student career development and their different learning styles. The toolkit is also disability compliant.

The Careers Toolkit resource is user-friendly and allows students to easily navigate the content and is particularly helpful for users who are unsure about what careers information they are looking for.

Benefits to graduate employers:

A tool that helps students to better prepare for employment and work integrated learning opportunities as they transition into the workforce.

Employers’ perspectives are represented via vodcasts to help students understand what expectations employers have for students applying for positions and entering into the workforce.

Benefits to tertiary institution

Model of online delivery:   the technological structure behind the Careers Toolkit is flexible, allowing for the content to be moved between IT systems. The flexible nature of embedding outsourced content into the structure means that content can easily be updated at any time.


Benefit to NAGCAS

Provides a model for the online delivery of careers information in a global context. 


Innovative aspects

The portal has enabled the careers service to aggregate a range of career development and employment content to become a ‘one stop shop’ which is easier to market than a website.

Global careers resource: the content has been developed to be culturally applicable for all RMIT students across the Australia, Vietnam and Singapore campuses.

Alumni log in access: support for students as they transition out of the university.

Staff section of the careers toolkit:   includes resources to support university staff teaching careers and work integrated learning subjects.


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