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"The Tracking Project"

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Do you know:

  • What your students really think of your service?
  • How you have impacted their career development?
  • Which companies your graduates are working for, what roles they have now and how they got there?

We now know our students better than ever. How? We simply asked them.

The University of Adelaide Careers Service developed a ‘Tracking Project.’ What we learnt is invaluable to the career development of our current students, relationship building with our alumni, engagement with employers and improvement of our service. You can tailor what we have created for your service and experience the same benefits.


Benefit to tertiary students, graduate employers and/or tertiary institutions

Benefits to Students

  • Develops awareness of direct career pathways and progressions of former students; leading to improved information services and guidance for current students seeking direction.
  • Increases options for international students; more information is known about precisely where international students find professional work experience and graduate roles.
  • Broadens employer network for domestic and international students.
  • Provides work experience for current students to be involved in a ‘real time project’.
  • Provides a ‘safety net’ for graduates who we discovered are not yet working in their field of study.

Benefits to Employers

  • New source of employers; introduces the Careers Service to new employers (local, national and international), enabling them to make use of engagement resources and tools.
  • Strengthens communication channels and campus engagement with existing employers.

Benefits to Tertiary institutions

  • A ‘ready to use’ and cost effective survey pro forma that can be tailored to any Careers Service.
  • By contacting students well after graduation, the project reconnects the service with 'Careers Service alumni' to understand our direct impact on students’ career development and progression.
  • Improves client relationship management (CRM) and case management practices.
  • Reconnects graduates with the University which 'completes the circle' of engagement.
  • Quantifies the value of the Careers Service.


Benefit to NAGCAS

  • Career progression stories enable staff to learn, develop new ideas and seek training to add value to the existing services in line with best practice and student demand.
  • Raises the Careers Service profile internally, facilitating engagement with academic staff and senior management.
  • Data trends, service evaluation and future student experience expectations can be sought.
  • Qualifies the value of University Careers Services. 


Innovative aspects

The innovation of this project is demonstrated through its simplicity; the information we sought was best learnt through conversation.

We took the time to speak with each student/graduate individually; we re-engaged with them, we listened to their stories and we became inspired. Through this methodology, we gained far more information than we had anticipated about their personal career direction, the individual path they have taken and their future aspirations.

These conversations have sparked a new ‘re-connection’ phase for our service.


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