Pitch Perfect, presented by Barbara Mackie

HBR Article: What's your Story

Excerpt from The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid


National Professional Development overview for 2014, presented by Barbara Mackie


Preparing a new wave of jobready graduates, presented by Rohan Holland and Anna Tayler


Every acronym tells a story: A graduate employment update, presented by Bruce Guthrie


Is my work on this side of the ocean, is my work over the sea? presented by Agnes Banyasz


Reflections on a journey.  The design, delivery and evaluation of a new careers course, presented by Taye Morris et al


[email protected] Work in progress, lessons learned, presented by Margo Baas


The career journey as a process of self-actualization, presented by Michelle Kenworthy


The Chinese labour market and graduates of Australian universities, presented by Joanne Tyler


The magic of everyday story telling, presented by Tristan Blom


Working across the oceans: The peaks, troughs and realities of aid and development work, presented by Di Rachinger

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