Student Campus Job Shop

The Job Shop is a SSAF funded campus based drop in service staffed by students for students. The service provides a basis for a positive peer-to-peer engagement with the aim to assist students to be successful in clarifying and achieving their career goals and gaining employment on graduation. From mid Feb- to date, over 2,000 students accessed the Job Shop receiving face-to-face assistance by the Peer Career Assistants  (PCAs) on a range of topics such as finding part time jobs and graduate positions, WIL queries, resume feedback and accessing other career resources and services.

Importantly, the Job Shop provides pivotal support to Careers and Employability activities by promoting and hosting careers related events, including employer and industry networking presentations and activities.

Demonstrated benefit to tertiary students, graduate employers and/or tertiary institutions

Benefit to tertiary students

  • It provides them with a highly visible and easily accessible face-to-face drop in career service.
  • It provides them with a casual job on campus whilst also offering them a professional workplace context and tailored training to develop their employability skills.
  • It facilitates Career Development Learning (CDL) and personal growth through peer-to-peer engagement. As current students themselves, the PCAs are in touch with the needs of students and with the ways they prefer to communicate with us.

Benefit to employers

The Job Shop provides a more accessible and visible space for employers and industry to promote themselves and interact with students. The RMIT Job Shop hosted a series of ‘meet and greet’ employer sessions this year and due to the location of the shop it attracted an increased number of students.

In addition, peer-to-peer support also increases student engagement and understanding of the skills and tools required to transition into professional employment subsequently providing employers with better-prepared graduates and a very positive image of the university’s students.

Benefit to tertiary institutions

The Job Shop model of career service delivery benefits tertiary institutions by:

  • Providing a viable and good practice service delivery model that addresses the rationalisation of university funds and increased demand for improved student experience satisfaction and wider reach.
  • Releasing specialist staff to focus on higher level CDL work whilst making service more agile and relevant to a diverse student body.
  • Enabling career services and the university to effectively gauge and gain immediate feedback on student job and career needs.

Showcasing the university’s vibrant, diverse and highly employable student body.

Potentially or currently benefits the NAGCAS organisation, its members and the career development industry

The Job Shop represents a best practice model of first tier career service delivery that could easily be replicated at other institutions through Student Service Amenities Fee (SSAF) funding. Importantly, It enables NAGCAS members to enhance their knowledge and practice of student and graduate development needs through the engagement of students as employees and hence contributors of relevant and fresh ideas to their service. 


The success of the RMIT Student Campus Job Shop has raised the profile of the careers service within the university and illustrates how we can contribute strategically to the core work of the university. It has been enthusiastically embraced from not only the student representative executive but also the Vice Chancellor and various School and department directors and staff.

The Student Campus Job Shop represents a ‘win-win’ initiative for all relevant stakeholders. It is endorsed and funded by students (SSAF), to provide casual professional employment and development to all its students (international and domestic), whilst being accessible to a diverse student population and a central, highly visible centre for university stakeholder referrals.      

The Job Shop and the PCAs are an integral part of the Careers and Employability service, providing regular feedback to other C&E staff and programs. The PCAs have been able to inform and shape the operation of the Job Shop in a way that continues to improve our response rate and the quality of our services in adapting to a continually changing environment.


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