China Career Ready + Program

For Chinese students, navigating the employment market can be challenging. We have responded to specific career management issues by initiating a bespoke program to improve our Chinese students’ career outcomes both in China and Australia.

China Career Ready+ has been developed at a time when China-Australia economic and trade relationships continues to expand and like us, Australian Universities welcome many Chinese students to join our academic communities.

Our program creates industry and government relationships in China, connects us with Chinese Universities and prepares our students for job success in Chinese and Australian labour markets, facilitating a pathway to employment.

Demonstrated benefit to tertiary students, graduate employers and/or tertiary institutions

Benefits to Students

  • Creates more opportunities for Chinese international students to participate in work experience in Australian and Chinese markets; allowing our students to develop professional skills.
  • Broadens our Chinese students' networks in Australia and China.
  • Develops students' insights into graduate job prospects, recruitment practices and the labour market in China, by province and by industry.
  • Increased language competency leading to improved communications.
  • Improves career management competencies of Chinese students through a targeted program of workshops and employer networking events.
  • Develops awareness of career pathways and progressions of former Chinese students leading to improved career decision making.

Benefits to Employers

  • Strengthens links to the University and Chinese student community.
  • Gives employers access to a dynamic self-motivated group of Chinese students and allows them to pre-select students for graduate roles.
  • Provides supports to connect and expand local Australian business to China and vice versa.
  • Discipline specific student and industry events allow employers to network with other employers with a common interest in China.

Benefits to Tertiary institutions

  • Highlights the importance of bespoke career development programs designed with the needs and experience of international students at the core of the program. This program could be adopted and tailored to any Careers Service and the model could be used to service students from countries with other large cohorts such as India and Malaysia.
  • Provides a specialised service to Chinese students leading to improved retention and possibly an increase in enrolments from Chinese students to Universities investing in this style of program.
  • Increased engagement with other University services from Chinese students.
  • Up-skilling of professional staff as a direct result of the newly gained specialist knowledge regarding the China labour market and recruitment practices.
  • Reconnects Chinese graduates with the University which 'completes the circle' of engagement.
  • Further engagement with Universities and the Government in China via career pathways paves the way for Chinese HDR students and their home institutions to facilitate joint research collaborations and exchange.

Potentially or currently benefits the NAGCAS organisation, its members and the career development industry

Current and future potential benefits for NAGCAS and our industry include:

  • Reliable China specific labour market information is difficult to source. These resources will allow Australian Careers Service staff to learn about this important area and seek training to add value to the existing services in line with student demand.
  • Raises the profile of Careers Services with employers in China.
  • Raises the profile of Careers Services and institutions with Chinese university counterparts leading to further knowledge and exchange.

Raises the Careers Service profile internally, facilitating engagement with alumni, international office, academic staff and senior management.


The innovation of this project is demonstrated through a change in paradigm for our Careers Service. We aspire to engage a global audience and shift our local focus to global thinking. Our innovative approach to this program is demonstrated through the following program and development elements:

  • Employing a team member with Chinese national background and cultural awareness across both markets
  • Taking time and recognising the importance of engaging with our Chinese colleagues in person rather than via video link or phone.
  • Gathering the most recent employer expectations from both markets relating to Chinese national candidates
  • Sourcing specialist mentors with experience in both China and Australia to ensure continuity and the best possible insights for our students through our matching process.
  • The generation of offshore and onshore internships opportunities aimed specifically at our Chinese national students
  • Careers staff exchange
  • Addressing the issues at the heart of the cultural barriers for our students including perceived confidence and communication.



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