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The Future for Career Service Professionals

20 November 2014

RMITU Building 80.06.05, Swanston Street, Melbourne

Reservations Essential

This workshop is open and free to all NAGCAS members and your colleagues (for a small fee) and will be of interest to professionals at all levels of careers services and across allied services, such as WIL.
Workshop participants will explore change drivers shaping the future of work, the shifting nature of the workplace and organisations and the likely skills workers will need in the future.
Practical work will see participants consider possible futures for career service professionals in this changing context, with a focus on identifying major shifts to work practices and services that they need to pay attention to today.
The workshop uses a foresight framework that explores possible alternative futures and then connects that discussion with action to be taken today. The advantage of this approach is that it takes thinking beyond today’s often unchallenged assumptions and beliefs about how career professionals work. This allows participants to expand perceptions of how roles might change into the future, and action that can be taken today to be futures ready.  This fast-paced workshop will produce what is called ‘coffee cup’ scenarios for the future for career professionals – short, ‘what-if’ discussions designed to begin the process of considering the  alternatives futures generating both challenges and risks for a professional group.

Workshop Facilitator: Maree Conway
After a successful career as a university manager, Maree Conway established Thinking Futures in 2007, a strategic foresight practice that helps people develop futures ready strategy today. She helps build organisational capacity in environmental scanning, strategic thinking and new planning. Find out more at

** please note: this session will be recorded for national distribution.  If you do not wish to be filmed please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. prior to the event.

Free for NAGCAS members, Non-Members $25.00
Reservations Essential

Bookings close November 13th



NAGCAS National Conference, Ahead of the Curve

November 30-December 3 2014

Wollongong, NSW

Visit the website



what you missed...


National Skills Week August 5-31, 2014

The Magical Mystery Tour of Skills

Provides an opportunity to inspire students to learn more about the many pathways and exciting careers available through Vocational Education.

National Skills Week has grown significantly in stature and engagement since it was first launched at The Press Club in Canberra in 2011. Over 500 events take place across the country every year, supported by broad media coverage, including television, radio, newspapers, and social media.

We invite career advisors to get involved. Below is a link showing some of the ideas that took place last year, and some suggestions we received.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Amelie Deasey at SkillsOne for more information.




Preparing students for the global labour market: What skills are required to get your students hired?

Expertise in Labour Mobility

Wednesday 18 December 9.00 am- 11.00 am

Murdoch Business School(Learning Link 2.003), South Street, Murdoch WA

Ticketed Visitor Parking in Car Park 4

The globalisation of higher education requires both professional and academic staff to deliver teaching and learning experiences both within curricula and co-curricular to produce career ready graduates for the global labour market.

In servicing both domestic and international students with the knowledge and skills to meet industry and workplace standards, being able to design and deliver programs and services that help students orientate themselves towards the challenges of the international job market is fundamental to meeting our students’ career development needs and our institutions’ sustainability. 

This three hour interactive workshop is designed to:

Build capacity in career development, teaching and learning and other professional staff involved in supporting students develop their global employability and career decision making.

Understand the role culture plays in writing resumes, job applications and different recruitment processes and methodologies in other countries.

Enhance awareness of the skills and capabilities organisations from different cultures and countries are looking for and recommended methods to develop these skills

Who should attend?

Professionals who work with higher education students (vocational and tertiary) with an interest in employability, career development and global mobility. 


Nannette Ripmeester 
Director, Expertise in Labour Mobility; The Netherlands

Nannette Ripmeester is director of Expertise in Labour Mobility (ELM), a consultancy specialising in customised solutions for international labour mobility.

Nannette holds extensive knowledge on what makes graduates internationally employable by working with large corporate clients and higher education institutions across the globe. She is considered an expert on global mobility trends, is regularly invited to speak at international conferences and has written extensively on international job-hunting practices.

If you have any special requirements to enable you to attend this event please advise when you RSVP. We will contact you to provide assistance. Please also see



Professor Tony Watts OBE
Visiting Professor of Career Development, University of Derby


Dr Tristram Hooley

Reader in Career Development, Head of International Centre for Guidance Studies,  University of Derby











Tuesday 26 November 2013
University of Technology Sydney 

Career Services and their value add to the HE Sector 
Within the contemporary university setting, Careers Services are re-thinking their role, their structural positioning, and their value add to the student experience and positive graduate outcomes.

Session 1 11.30-12.30 EST  
Professor Tony Watts OBE will present on

  • The nexus between Career Development Learning (CDL) enterprise / entrepreneurship and employability agendas
  • The positives of weaving  CDL into curricular and co-curricular contexts
  • How these activities link to positive graduate outcomes and institutional plans

Lunch Break 12.30-1.30  Light lunch and juice provided

Session 2 1.30-3.00 EST
Professor Tony Watts and Dr. Tristram Hooley will be joined by a panel of 3 to explore comparisons between Australian and UK innovations in recent times. The discussion will be prefaced by three NSW universities discussing their strategic position linking function and direction while sharing the key drivers within their institution for change and opportunity. There will also be a Q&A session.  If you have a question or subject idea you would like the panel to discuss, please submit it below.

download our panel bios

Networking 3.00-3.30

More information on Professor Tony Watts

More information on Dr Tristram Hooley





Professor Kate Purcell

 Monday October 14 2013

University of Sydney

What is a Graduate Job? 
Hard evidence about the relationship between higher education and access to opportunity in the changing graduate labour market based on the Futuretrack Study. Which graduates get good jobs and who ends up under-employed, and why?  Is the concept of ‘graduate employability’ useful, or is it a dangerous distraction from the attempt to understand the relationships between HE expansion and economic restructuring?  
10.00-11.00 EST
Professor Kate Purcell will present on the findings about the Futuretrack Study, a longitudinal survey tracking applicants for full-time undergraduate courses at UK higher education institutions in 2005-6. Students were tracked from application through to employment and further until March 2012. The research was primarily funded by HECSU, the UK equivalent of Graduate Careers Australia. .

Kate Purcell is the director of the biggest-ever UK investigation of the relationship between higher education and employment – the Futuretrack study. Kate is a sociologist who has researched and written the relationship between higher education and employment, combining quantitative and qualitative analysis, for over 20 years.   
Visit for details of recent projects, including the Futuretrack Study.


Professor Kate Purcell

Friday 18 October, 10am – 11am
Lecture Theatre H7, Building 11 (Menzies), Clayton Campus
The UK Futuretrack 2006 -2102 Longitudinal study: The relationship between higher education choices & experience & access to opportunities in restructured labour markets

Joanne Tyler

Director, Employment & Career Development at Monash University

An invitation to NAGCAS members from the Faculty of Education, Monash University

 Graduate employment has become a heated issue in media and academic debates among those concerned with the relationship between higher education and the labour market. But what are recent graduates doing? Is it now necessary to have more than just a degree? Who gets good jobs and who ends up under-employed - and why; and just what is ‘graduate employability’? Futuretrack is a national longitudinal study of people who applied in 2005/06 to study full-time for an undergraduate degree at a UK higher education institution (HEI), to commence study in October 2006. It covered all UK HEIs and included UK, EU and other overseas applicants. The key objectives were to explore how and why career decisions are made and at different stages in the transition for school to the labour market, and to explore the relationships among higher education, career decision-making and labour market opportunities.
The research has involved the collection and analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data over a seven year period. Online surveys were conducted with respondents at four stages: when they were applicants in summer 2006, in summer 2007 one year on, in autumn 2009 (repeated for those on four year degree programmes in 2010) and in winter 2011/12, five and a half years from the first survey. It has produced an extensive, detailed and comprehensive database that will keep researchers busy for some years to come and provide a foundation for further investigation. See for further information.
In this presentation, Professor Kate Purcell will draw predominantly on the Stage 4 data, collected between 18 and 30 months after completion of first (Bachelors) degree programmes (depending on whether students were enrolled on 3 or 4 year programmes of study), to examine the relationship between subjects studied, knowledge and skills acquired, extent of work experience as undergraduates and early career outcomes. What is a graduate job, and what are the implications of the Futuretrack findings for careers advisers, policy-makers, early career graduates and those considering embarking on a degree course?


Conference 2013

Daydream Island, Queensland December 2-4

Oceans of Opportunity: Reflecting and creating connections

It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in the 2013 NAGCAS annual conference at Daydream Island, Queensland. Held between December 2nd-4th 2013 the conference will focus on the theme "Oceans of opportunity: Reflecting and creating connections."
This is an opportunity to celebrate excellence in program and policy development, innovative products, supporting technologies, new service delivery models, and new research developments. We invite anyone with a professional interest in the career development of our students including career practitioners, graduate employers, managers, leaders, policy makers and researchers from the education, business, industry, government, employment and community service sectors to attend.
We encourage you to join with us and experience the wide variety of opportunities NAGCAS conferences provide. We look forward to welcoming you to Queensland in December 2013. Further information will be available on the website in early 2013

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