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The Hobsons-NAGCAS Indigenous Scholarship for Postgraduate Studies in Career Development has been created in recognition of the need to be proactive in addressing the career needs of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people (young and old, remote and urban).

This scholarship provides an alternative, and possibly more effective way of addressing the career development needs of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. It has long been recognized that career development approaches must address varying cultural perspectives and challenging social and environmental circumstances of Indigenous people and communities.

Having professionally qualified Indigenous career development practitioners can bring greater insights and cultural perspectives as well as a deeper understanding of career, work, employment and community issues that need to be considered and addressed.

The Hobsons-NAGCAS postgraduate scholarship will cover tuition costs (up to $5,500) to complete a CICA accredited course leading to an entry professional qualification (Graduate Certificate of Career Development) and enabling registration as a career development practitioner.

Applications close at 5pm WST on 30 June 2014

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