Fair Work Handbook.

Summary of the Fair Work Act, National Employment Standards, awards and agreements. FAQ sheets, checklists, templates and the Fair Work Information Statement which must, by law, be provided to employees covered by the national workplace relations system.
Fairwork handbook link

Professional Standards for Australian Career Development.

Practitioner standards have been prepared through the National Standards and Accreditation of Career Practitioners project commissioned through the Career Industry Council of Australia by the Australian Government.

They came into effect in January 2012 and provide the framework for the career profession across Australia. This booklet below outlines these Standards.
Professional Standards for Australian Career Development Practitioners

Australia’s Fair Work Ombudsman has released a fact sheet to assist employers and educational institutions to manage internships, vocational placements and unpaid work.
Internships, Vocational Placements and Unpaid work

Federal Career Development resources, research papers and links to relevant information http://deewr.gov.au/

Australian Learning and Teaching Council - Career Development Learning brochure

Australian Learing and Teaching Council - Work integrated learning: employer brochure

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