Welcome to your Individual Member section.

NAGCAS is well known as one of the most welcoming and collegial professional networks around. As we are made up of people whose job it is to help others reach their potential, perhaps that’s not surprising. Our job as an association is to help you to reach your goals as a careers professional, so to make the most of your individual membership, we suggest the following:

  • Connect with your fellow members and start some conversations across your network
  • Attend proffessional development activities meet and learn from your peers
  • Record your professional development no matter what your membership category
  • Resources and NAGCAS Presentations Grab a cuppa from time to time and check out the latest
  • Partner up with your peers for projects that add to our research resources
  • Present a Paper at the annual conference and/or for publication
  • Join a committee
  • Get involved in an interest group


Do you have feedback or suggestions? Or can we help you with a query?

Email [email protected]