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Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC)

The first results from the OECD Survey of Adult Skills:

This first OECD Skills Outlook presents the initial results from the Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC), which evaluates the skills of adults in 24 countries.  It provives insights into the availability of some of the key skills and how they are used at work and at home.  A major component is the direct assessment of key information-processing skills: literacy, numeracy and problem solving in the context of technology rich enviromnents.

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Cognitive Neuroscience: Implications for career development strategies and intervention.

Professor Westwell was commissioned by the Department for Education, Employment and Workplace Relations to provide an analysis of the brain development of young people aged 5-24 years. This research focused on decision making processes pertaining to career development.


Career Industry Council of Australia Research paper, 2012

Identification of issues that impact on the provision of effective career development services for VET learners.


Do undergraduates want a career in IT? A study of the attitudes of current UK undergraduates in relation to careers and work in the IT sector
Careers Research and Advisory Centre (CRAC), 2008